VPN L2TP iOS Devices Setup Instructions

VPN L2TP iOS Devices Setup Instructions

Step 1

Start from the home screen. Go to Settings.

Step 2

Go to General.

Step 3

Then proceed to VPN.

Step 4

Tap on Add VPN Configuration....

Step 5

Choose L2TP tab.

For Description enter "StrongVPN"
Enter Server, Account, Password and Secret taken from the greeting file we sent you.
Hint: You can find those details in the Customer Area (check here).
Send All Traffic should be ON.

Save the Configuration and go back.

Step 6

Now connect by tapping the button to the right of VPN.

(If you have more than one VPN configuration listed, the one with a check next to it will be connected.
You can tap on a vpn configuration name to select it, or tap on the 'i' to the right of the name if you need to update the settings.)

Step 7

Please wait while it connects.

Step 8

Confirm that the connection is on by checking its Status. Also notice the VPN badge on the title bar.

Done. You are connected.